Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kipima Joto # 1

This just in: according to the results of a recent poll conducted by the Just Another Day In Paradise Social Research Department (JADIP-SRD), Tanzanians are split in their views of President Jakaya Kikwete's performance in the War Against Corruption*. 40% of the respondents feel that the War Against Corruption is a sign of the President's inability to protect his powerful friends, while another 40% are unable to tell whether the President is active or passive in the anti-corruption campaign. Only 20% of Tanzanians believe that the President is orchestrating a massive and delicate clean-up drive with canny political finesse. Thankfully, none of the respondents were confused about who JK was.

This important piece of research late in his first term of office shows that Tanzanians may have lost some of the faith in the President that garnered him an utterly ridiculous 80% of the votes in the last elections. His performance in the War Against Corruption coupled with recurring problems in Zanzibar have caused JADIP-SRD political analysts to predict a massive 15-20 point drop in the polls. This means that President Kikwete may only manage a minor landslide victory in the region of 60-75% in the 2010 elections.

*JADIP-SRD would like to thank the five intrepid readers who voted in the poll. The significance of JADIP-SRD's contribution to political research cannot be understated.

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