Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Performance and Attractiveness: A causal relationship?

Maybe, maybe not, but it is fun to speculate. May I offer the theory that the hotter a person is, the better they are seen to be performing in their public duties. The President, fully cognizant of the powerful magnetism of his smile, regularly deploys it in difficult situations to distract the adoring masses. This tactic absolutely never worked for Mr. Benjamin Mkapa, who is arguably a more accomplished man in many respects but never managed to find his charisma. Mr. Ali Hassan Mwinyi used a soft-core version of the charm bomb: he was just so accommodating that it was and still is difficult to rouse any particularly strong emotions towards him either negative or positive.

To test the attraction-attention hypothesis, JADIP-SRD has released a poll to gauge the perceived level of attractiveness of a number of members of the Cabinet. This researched has been (rather insistently) commissioned by La Dee, and JADIP readers are strongly encouraged to participate. Mugshots of the honorables are available at www.parliament.go.tz under 'Cabinet' for those who need a visual refresher prior to voting. In the interest of 'mambo ya Beijing,' the female version of the poll will be released shortly.

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