Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The former Attorney General, former Minister of Infrastructure, currently beleaguered owner of a few billion 'vijisenti' Mr. Andrew Chenge was caught on CCTV a few nights ago doing something very fishy inside Parliament. Mheshimiwa was filmed entering the building after hours in the company of a Parliament staff member, and sprinkling an unknown substance on every all the MPs' seats. He spent an especially long time hovering around the Speaker's chair. I am guessing it was not linen freshening spray.

Yes, for really. Seriously! No lie. Straight story. A senior politician and reputed lawyer has resorted to shifty shenanigans to get his vijiploblems fixed in the Bunge. Personally. He did it his own grow-ass self. And got caught too. I guess when your career is going up in flames, no measure is too desperate or too stupid to be attempted. Add in that dratted security technology and a once-respectable man becomes a bit of a joke.

Dear Mr. Chenge, may I advise you to go sit in the corner and take a time out? I understand that it may not be in your nature to give up without a fight, but matters have progressed beyond the stage of struggling. Your goat, Mr. Chenge, is roasted. Your chickens have come home and they are roosting. You are reaping what you sowed, et cetera. What you have left in the public eye at this point is a tiny little modicum of dignity, that stuff that we so willingly accord to old men with money and pot-bellies. I suggest you hold on to it with both hands. Sneaking around ju-juing your fellow MPs isn't the way to do it.

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  1. The last paragraph here had me rolling! Good stuff.



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