Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food? Not so much. Review? Why, yes.

Food, the neglected topic. Every good intention I had of bringing in the camera to download a bunch of pictures and compose odes to cooking went out the window when I left the damn thing at home. Instead, may I offer a restaurant review? Actually, I have been dying to do restaurant reviews for a while now. There used to be this dude who would do this thing with this nameless date he called Lady in White in one of the monthly magazines and it was part romantic suspense part restaurant review column but I haven't seen it in a while. Also, it was certainly light on the 'review' side of things since every restaurant got a thumbs up. Still, it was fun to read while it lasted.

On to the Review: Addis In Dar, Regent Estate/Mikocheni
The premier Ethiopian restaurant in Paradise, this family business has been open since sometime in the late nineties/early ohs. It is staffed by folks who know the menu in and out and don't do that nasty thing that waiters do in non-tz restaurants: talk down at the guest about the menu as though you are too timid to order anything other than chipsi-kuku. A while back someone else tried to open another Ethiopian restaurant but it died in its infancy...usilete compe! Addis in Dar is a local favorite whose clientele is mixed up- always a good thing when you can eavesdrop on expat development workers with your right ear while catching up on the latest BongeFlava gossip with your left ear.

Using local ingredients, the chefs reproduce as best they can the incredibly addictive tastes of Ethipian food. They obviously care about quality- the chickens they use in their doro wat are those organic road-runner types that yield rich flavour without the icky grease, and the food is fresh fresh fresh. The injera is not made from teff as far as I can tell, but it is still quite tasty. The atmosphere is warm with candle-light and low furniture...wait, this is a review so I should probably try to come up with one or two problems to seem credible? To be frank, I am still too stupefied by the food to pretend I don't love the place. Wait, I can think of one thing: the Tej is not consistently good. There.

Final Score: A firm Five Garlicky Burps.

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  1. nyummy. and it doesnt hurt that majority of the staff are all malawian either eh?

    jus joks! dont kill me! lol!


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