Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Cold Cabinet

The masses have spoken with the voice of one person (literally) and the message is: No one in the cabinet is vaguely attractive, JADIP needs to get a life. To the lone voter, asante kwa mchango wako. It will certainly make things interesting in trying to formulate the poll for the female public figures. By the way, His Radiant Beauteousness the President released an updated official portrait last week. I think the color of the tie changed. Don't all stampede to Maelezo at once, kids.

In effect, the results suggest that there is no causal relationship between a politician's attractiveness (charisma) and their perceived performance (success). Yeah, right. While this is a worthy thought- as in we should actually be swayed far more by a person's other qualities like integrity, or treatment of children and small furry creatures or ability to formulate sane policies- charisma and leadership have gone together like beans and rice since time immemorial. Get both and you have the Complete Leadership Package.

For the female poll there is an underlying dilemma: would it be disrespectful to sexualize their charisma as was done in the male poll, however tongue-in-cheek? Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Condoleeza Rice, Benazir Bhutto, Joan of Arc, Shaka Zulu's mother...the power-charisma question with regards to women is certainly loaded.

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