Friday, July 11, 2008

Press Reliese

Yes, that title contains a typo, but not one of mine this time. During an idle moment of multi-media-multi-tasking yesterday, I decided to check out the news bulletin on the state broadcaster. I usually watch That Other Channel like everyone else but lately their news service has been pretty craptastic, barring the very cool journalist-on-the-hoof reports by Jerry Muro. Big up Jerry! Anywho, turns out the TeeBeeCee is not bad for an instrument of the state.

What, the point, you ask? Well, you know how Andrew Chenge aka Mr. Vijisenti was 'apparently' caught ju-ju-ing his fellow MPs on tape about a month back? The Police and the Chief Chemist been investigating the incident all this time. Yesterday by chance I caught someone on the TeeBeeCee interviewing whichever hapless police chief had been ordered to aanounce the results of the investigation. Part of the clip showed the 'Press Reliese' issued by the police. Hapless Mouthpiece told us that:

1. No cameras had been turned off since 2006 (who asked?)
2. No-one was caught on tape inside the Parliament building therefore no one was in there
3. The dust that was collected for investigation contained no poison, therefore
4. There was no witchcraft. no juju. no nothing. nada. zip. yeah. I am not sure just how stupid these people think Paradisans are, offering up such a dismal disclaimer. It reflects poorly on the liars that they are not able to finesse a more credible lie, and this has been a longtime concern of mine. It seems that our politicos have gotten so complacent about fibbing that they are phoning it in now. They are not taking the appropriate time to respect our intellects by weaving a web of deception that would provide us with hours of entertainment in the unravelling. Where's the subtlety, the ambiguity, the false trails, the spin doctors? What a sad state of affairs.

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  1. Oh I get it! Re -lies -e.

    So the police state showed up and said "nothing to see here folks, move along."? Damnit.

    Must admit i was waiting for further twists on the soap opera that is Tanzanian politics this year... Maybe someone's evil twin will show up. or there'll be a case of amnesia.

    Oh, but wait, Word On The Street (the ever reliable source)has it that Amina Chifupa's dad has all sorts of confirmations and names to name in the termination of his daughter... Let's hope he's watched enough movies to know he must have his evidence in five dfferent trustworthy/media hands by now


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