Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A ten-day silence qualifies as 'mild neglect' so I thought to reassure that the blog hasn't been orphaned. Just...well, mildly neglected, wandering the interwebs in a soggy nappy that should have been changed days ago, dangling an empty milk bottle. But life has been going on, and here are a few recent things to share. I should write one entry per but it is just not that kind of week.

The good life: Watched Judith Sephuma live at the Kempinski on Saturday night. It was lovely to be only 50 meters (and at times 50 cm) away from the performers. The sound mix drowned out her voice a little in favor of the instruments but other than that the music was quite delicious. The usual dry reception Paradisans gave her meant that the crowd of miscreants with whom I was hanging out had to get the party started, but when they did the dancefloor got crowded and a good time was had by all. I have to gripe, however, about the venue/event management: It could have been better. Waaay better. All I am saying is, if anyone wants to fund an outdoor performance area I have some ideas. Lets talk.

Also: found a new bookstore. Actually, it is more like a readership enhancement project ,and may I bow in awe to the folks who managed to get donor funding to run a bookshop. How didja do it? SOMA is in Regent, Mlingotini close and has a few things to offer which make it a must visit: outdoor vibandas with lighting, wireless internet and powerpoints, a bar/cafe, beautiful and quiet environs and a selection of books written by local authors and foreign authors about Paradise and her hinterlands. Also, their prices are pleasantly sane.

Snarking politics: Nothing is going on of particular interest to yours truly other than the dis-Union question. Ever since the Zenj is Baris got their panties in a knot about whether their island nation is a sovereign state or not some weeks ago, I have been tempted to kick the whole sorry mess out into the ocean. I have no idea how the Union is beneficial to Tanganyika in this day and age. Yeah, I went there! Anyways, until such a time as someone can prove to me that there is value to this cohabitation, I am quite in agreement with the isles secessionists.

Food the glorious: A sort-of-review. Went with La Dee to the Happy Dragon Restaurant (Kawe Road, just after the bridge/army offices). It was definitely some Chinese middle-cuisine. The decor included a large red velvet panel with chinese writing on one wall (maybe it said Happy Dragon?) and La Dee's favorite touch: plastic tulips on every table. Ambiance: a cross between a train station canteen, a school cafeteria and a low-end if well-lit banqueting hall, it came complete with a suspicious group of gangster/gemdealer looking guys in a corner table and shouted conversation all around.

The portions were generous, the food freshly cooked and decent (the pork chow mein was fantastic though, not too greasy and full of little pork bits). The sauce on the lemon chicken however tasted about as organic as michael jackson's nose, which was a bit of a let-down. Oh, and there was a gently poached fly in my soup but I can testify that it did not hinder the flavor one bit since i am not averse to insect proteins. Based on their performance, I can see myself going back for some take-away, especially them noodles. Otherwise, don't bother getting excited- this place is not exactly a Dining Experience.

Final score: Two-and-a-half garlicky burps.


  1. Is this the one place on the right just before the round-about (famaously known as kiplefti) as you head to mbezi? If soo, naomba usirudi, got a story for you, but waaaay offline... Mmh!

    1. I know this place, just before the round about, and am planning to go eat there. what stories you heard? am worried please tell me

  2. ...please tell me it was crow-meat. i can live with that...


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