Sunday, October 31, 2010

Elections 2010: Social Media and Election Monitoring

The early report from Uchaguzi dot or dot tz* is hot off the press. Here is a quick glimpse at the accumulated efforts of citizen monitoring using the Ushahidi platform:

Looks like Dar is the hottest spot, but the other urbanities have really represented.
Check out the number of people who had a perfectly pleasant voting experience. Check out the number of Tanzanians who couldn't find their names on the voter roll. James Mbatia of NCCR-Mageuz0- who didn't get to vote- has some company.

In 2005, there was no Twitter. There was no 3G mobile phone network. The Tanzanian blogosphere was in it's infancy, and Ufisadi wasn't a household term yet. Look how far we've come. While every day is a good day to be Tanzanian, some days are admittedly better than others :)

If you want to keep track of events in realtime, may I recommend: TBC, ITV, Capital, StarTV, RadioOne, Idhaa ya Kiswahili (Deutsche Welle, the Beeb, VOA and Radio France International) and on the net: JamiiForums (with your grain of salt), Wanazuoni, Twitter hashtag Tanzania and the NEC website. Sorry I haven't linked those outlets, my net is slow so just use your noodle and try google.


  1. why the green and yellow..supporting ccm?

  2. Nice work Elsie, your page is a good source of info and ideas, oh and some nice pics to

  3. serious enough to change to blue and red...

  4. @Marc: thanks for those kind words. keep reading, keep commenting.

    @Anonymous: lol! i'm not finished yet but if you got the cheeky color reference then you're obviously lurking somewhere on this fair land of ours. you sound a little grumpy though. tell you what, next post is for you. everyone deserves a virtual hug from time to time.


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