Monday, November 1, 2010

Mpaka Kieleweke!

I had to crack up when I heard a BBC Idhaa ya Kiswahili reporter say that from Arusha. Reporters have really had a field day with this election. Between them and us voters, I don't know if The Establishment has suffered this much scrutiny in it's long history. Transparency is tough on the state :)

But the situation is a little bit touchy. Looks like we're anxious. Lots of us are young voters too, first time at the ballot, keen to make sure that our favorites are not robbed of their victories.

Tensions in Zanzibar, in Mwanza, Ubungo, Arusha, Dodoma... all revolving around the National Electoral Commission's laggardly pace with the results. While it makes some sense to keep quiet until they are "certain" of their results, this is not a time for reticence!


  1. Mshkaji, mi kienyewe, I'm gratified with the step tuliyopiga. As a young, poor country eeh--this election we have shown some sort of politico maturity. As long as it will end up with civility. For the first time yaani, matokeo ya uchaguzi are exciting. In the past kila mtu anajua CCM watachukua. This time around, it matters. And I'm effin hope that will trickle down to better governance. Heck, why not? koz now every incumbent knows that he isn't entitled for a sh!t. You mess up, we will vote you out.

    What I'm worried now, is the trend to make politically- safe decisions for the sake of winning election. We are not there yet, but that is where we will be heading. I think that is the better problem to have, for now!

    Hopeful Jakaya can pull this off, by maybe 56%. That is what he needs to realize his potential. A close call like 56% will scare him enough to realize his potential. The guy has some leadership in him, and he is better than Dr. Slaa. Ni mtazamo tu.

  2. @ Mshikaji: Karibu sana. Sema ukweli wako bila haya, na bila woga wowote. Hii ni forum huru kabisa. Na asante kwa mchango wako. Nakubaliana na weww, acha Jay Kay apate kaushinda kaduchu ili kamtoe uvivu wa kazi. You are generous, I'm thinking 50.01% katamtosha, kwa kuwa katuangusha haswa vijana. Ile 80% ya 2005 ilimharibu kabisa na matunda yake ndiyo haya.

    The political maturity though, that's still challenging us. Wazee wetu wa NEC wanachemsha, wenyenchi wanapigana mitaani ktk miji mikuu. Hivi, kweli waTanzania hatujiwezi? Ukomavu bado.


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