Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One. Two. Chakachua!

There is no way that everyone's favorite Election 2010 neologism would fail to inspire a writer. Check out this fantastic excerpt:

"Law and order men like Martians went to meet em,

Sprayed em with smelly liquid perfume, which also itched,

Fired smoke in their eyes so they could not see

Left couple of tires burning and run for their lives

poor boys and gals

To take shower and remove the perfume

Wash their eyes so they could see clear where to go

And then we heard the word chakachua

What? Again? But how can that be?

Same way they did for petrol, they said.

So let us jazz it up again!

All together now,

A one and two chakachua

A three and four chakachua

In the west chakachua

And in the east chakachua

In the south chakachua

And in the north chakachua

Everywhere, chakachua

In the morning, chakachua

In the night, chakachua

Left and right, chakachua

You want to vote, chakachua

You got your money, chakachua

‘n good roads, chakachua

‘n Health centres, chakachua

‘n this time, chakachua

‘n next time, chakachua

In the church ,chakachua

In the mosque, chakachua

In the school, chakachua

Univeristy, chakachua

All together, chakachua

Ali Mselem, chakachua

Ali mselem, chakachua

Mchakamchaka, chakachua

Mchakamchaka, chakachuaaaaaaaaa!"

That's just the final part of this creative piece that runs through contemporary Tanzanian politics with power, agency and freedom as it's central themes. Who is the passionate young man behind the chant? Walter Bgoya. Want more? You're about to get more.

There is a Book Slam coming maybe-anytime-now to a yet-to-be-decided location near you, so watch this space. And please do ask Shurufu for more information, especially if you would like to participate and have a few pieces you want to share as well. And if you came to Sarah Markes' Street Level exhibition launch or visited anytime after, you rock. Support your local artists. The Street Level exhibition closes this Friday.

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