Thursday, November 11, 2010

November? Already?

Um, I'm taking a little break again...

Yes, I know I keep saying that, but this time I really am going to take it easy for a while. You may have noticed that the blog has gone a bit squirrelly on me: that header needs to be wrestled down to size, and there are some interesting font choices and missing punctuation marks to fix. Gotta do some spring cleaning on the blogrolls, refresh them and visit blogfriends to read and get up to speed. Hunt around, see if there's anything new. Besides, this is my traditional holiday month: not-quite-December but just as mellow.

It's going to kill me to sit down and be quiet about the Speaker thing, and about the new Cabinet, and other stuff. But I'm gonna step away from the politics and concentrate on chilling out, and maybe doing some art/food/other interests posts if I get the mental shakes from withdrawal. And then sometime in December, maybe, I'll get around to doing a year-in-review like these guys did. What a great application of the principle of transparency.

But first I gotta stop squirming and jumping around and actually deal with the sadly neglected offline life. So I'm grounded, for a little disciplinary down time and so that I can do my offline life homework because it's overdue. Sniff :( Later, amigos.


  1. Hi Elsie,

    Thanks for the plug, and for being positive about transparency rather than negative about out numbers!

    I hope that means we will make it onto your refreshed blogroll.

    Enjoy the break.


  2. @Ben:

    about the numbers- i'll admit I haven't looked closely yet at yours but from my short experience, blogging is a bit of a hare vs. tortoise situation. Stick around long enough with halfway decent content and the chema chajiuza factor kicks in.

    The intertubes are littered with the remains of blogs abandoned. I guess this approach works for the contemporary ADD personality but things are different when you're building up an online journal with evidence accumulated over time. I don't think that focusing on number of hits is a useful way to judge the merits of certain blogs since netizens are fickle creatures with a taste for porn, mostly. I bet even the Sachs and Easterlies of this world can't compete with, say,

    Thanks Ben. Determined to enjoy the break if it kills me.


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