Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood

There is a reason this poem is a classic. Decisions can be complex things. You'll notice that the banner has changed to a walk in the woods. That is the path that leads into the mangrove forests of Jozani Forest Reserve in Zanzibar. It's one of my favorite shots: a visual metaphor for Frost's poem and yet another reminder of how stunning this country is.

I cannot help it that mangroves are green anymore than I can help it if a reader decides to take that as a mark of political allegiance. But the madness has got to stop, people, CCM does not have a monopoly on the color green or the color gold. Hasn't anyone else noticed that Green/Gold is a terribly difficult wardrobe color-scheme for people with melanin?

The picture is also a visual metaphor for the coming months, both personally and in terms of Tanzania's political future. Do you know what is around the corner? Because I don't. I only have hope, optimism and the faith that we're the African Renaissance waiting to happen. It could go either way, but I'm ready.


  1. That is a very striking picture! Did you take it?

    That place looks so peaceful and calming.

    Also - LOL to the people who think it shows your pro-CCM tilt!

  2. Hey Dr. Bob. Indeed, Jozani is so peaceful, sweet and calm that you can almost hear the fish swimming in the creek. I got lucky with the trusty point-and-shoot that day. You should go. Yeah, I was also very amused to be accused of being pro-CCM. But then again, I have also been asked if I'm a Kenyan secret operative bent on destabilizing the country because of the EA articles. There's no pleasing wabongo :) Waiting on Independent Candidates...

  3. green and shades of yellow/gold/orange go well together. It is remarkable how often you find them paired. Irish flag (and Kodivaa and India, of course), BP and (my personal favourite) the "dollarmania" shop on Morogoro Road near Akiba

  4. Love love love the mangroves picture

  5. @SwahiliStreet: too true. but it's a bad year to develop an affinity for that color combination, as I have learned the hard way.

    @Jetsetter: me too, love, me too. It's a meditation.


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