Monday, November 22, 2010

Web Crawl.

Good times in the offline world, fuelled by copious amounts of quality time, food and movies. God Bless Mnet Movie Magic. But a couch is not for surfing alone, and I have been crawling through various social media accounts. Here's the haul from my web crawl thanks to netiverse friends links:

There'a a Book Slam happening this Wednesday Evening. The message from Shurufu:

"Hello Friends,

I would like to invite you all to a Book Slam event, a literary evening with readings by the artist, architect and writer Nadir Tharani, the novelist Louise Hoole, the writer Morris Mwavizoand the publisher Walter Bgoya.
The place? Saffron Restaurant. The time? 7.30pm - 11pm. The date? Wednesday, 24th November."

Bring your mellowness along, it's going to be a good one. And to whet the appetite, a nice bit of writing on Pamzbazuka about some of the themes of contemporary African literature. And the Dar Sketches book will be out soon.

One of my favorite unexpected politicians has a great article in the 500th Edition of the New African. Very nice ruminations on women, leadership, in the African context- cover story I believe. And here's another TED event that looks fantastic. Wonder if there's TEDMen and TEDTeens in the pipeline.

Speaking of the special characteristics of African politics- Binyavanga Wainaina's back in fighting form. In development, Chris Blattman asks a pertinent question about the urge to collectivize NGOs. The Undead Aid question rears it's head: is it maybe good? is it definitely bad? is that a political question?

Here's an interesting piece of news from the public health sector- World Aids Day is around the corner. And this is just a bit of fun.

I never like to pass up a chance to show off some Tanzanian gorgeousness. This video's not the common or garden variety effort either. And for the belly? Early times, but the Black Tomato is looking good. An establishment that serves crispy Belgian style pommes frites is taking its food very seriously. Also, it looks like Zenji might be budding as the Swahili Coast foodie haven. Then again, there's lots of really good stuff stashed on the isles... it's just that kind of place.

On social media- here's some recognition for Ushahidi's work. And here's a very interesting article about social media in Tanzania, more comprehensive than the average effort. Some food for thought on the Fourth Estate, courtesy again of Shurufu. It's interesting to watch the industry struggle for it's soul and identity in the 21st century...

Still "avoiding" politics but I gotta say... so far it looks like this is going to be a very lively term in the legislature. Walk-outs, using the parliamentary canons instead of the oral vote, accusations of machinations coming from all sides. Good times.


  1. nice to see ushahidi getting euro-playboy-prince recognition!!

    Otherwise, if I was in Dar I'd love to attend the book slam, but I won't be around. But even if I was, you make a common northside dar assumption of thinking that everyone knows where venue x is, in this case Saffron Restaurant. Sorry, never heard of it, but would love to known where etc....

  2. Indeed, my question exactly: where is the Saffron Restaurant?

  3. Oops, sorry for that oversight folks. Saffron restaurant is at the entrance of Quality Plaze, the building next door to the Orca Decor and Jamana Printer complexes off Pugu road on the way to the airport just past the bumpy rail crossing section but before you reach the TAZARA headquarters intersection. In the industrial area. I hope that helps.

    @SwahiliStreet: Euro Playboy Prince Recognition? Me likes. Gotta get me some of that. Heh.

    As an aside: this is all so very weird. I responded to this question last night. And today nothing in the comments section. Been having interesting "delete" and "repost" issues with Google products as well as Twitter. Occasionally Facebook. Does space/time work differently in cyberspace? Or is the problem more... local?

  4. euro playboy prince recognition? I have no idea what i was talking about


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