Monday, December 13, 2010

Mama Dar: The Book

Hey people: the Mama Dar book launch is happening this evening. Black Tomato, Makutano House in Oysterbay. The editors and authors will be there, yours truly included, signing copies.

To date, this is the only point of sale for the book so if you would like a copy do turn up. There will be readings, and refreshments. The book is all Original Content and revolves around our beloved city of Dar. The proceeds from the sales are going to the House of Peace, a shelter for women and their children leaving abusive situations at home. I think that altogether it makes a perfect gift for yourself if you love local writing, and for a friend or three.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Is it still possible to buy it there?
    I really like your blog, so I linked to it, hope that's ok. (

    I usually write in Swedish, I'm swedish, living in Dar.

  2. Hi Emmas, it will be possible to buy some copies of the book. I am just waiting on some more information and I will write a post when I know more. Thanks for linking, I will be checking out your blog to brush up on my fluent Swedish ;)

  3. Great, thanks, it sounds very interesting and I would love ot read it!

    From now on, I will try to write some in English as well, especially when I have interesting things about TZ to write (eg. which is all the time! ;-)).


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