Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ten For Eleven

Hello and Happy New Year! I know that 'Tis The Season is over, but I'll just do this one thing as it's trying to become a TMR tradition. Ten things from 2010:

1. Remember the Y2K scare? Funny to think that was a whole decade ago.
2. How about those elections, eh? Not the best, but not too shabby either. Congratulations to all the freshman MPs, let's see if there's anything to the idea that the younger generation will infuse our politics with "new" ideas and energy.
3. The FIFA World Cup Totally Rocked! Until the last African team struck out at the bottom of the fifth inning. I think that Azerbaijan won the coveted sport's Palme d'Or trophy...or was it the Dominican Republic? Either way, it's nice to see an underdog team do well in such an important international sporting event. I loves my soccer.
4. Power rationing after the elections. It's some strange kind of cycle, that. Almost like the infrastructure is thumbing its nose at authority... heh.
5. Dar no longer closes for the holidays. Either that or we're all too broke, like yours truly, to go inland.
6. A life without DSTV is more productive than a life with DSTV in it...
7. ... but Jacob's Cross makes a life with DSTV in it worth the loss in productivity :)
8. Perfect steak: has been found. Just a note for those who love their beef: Kongwa beef, export grade, is available at two outlets in the city. That stuff is superb, specially the Flintstone size ribs.
9. A non-embarrassing party to belong to, however, remains elusive in spite of my best efforts to believe in something during the elections. Oh well.
10. But I got my MP of choice. La la la la la la la...

And one wish for 2011:
11. A steady electricity supply for the purposes of blogging consistently without watching my power icon in an anxious sweat at odd hours of the night or day.

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