Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thanks to La Dee and Steve: I understand that the link from the Christmas Allegory post is irretrievably broken. Fickle intertubes. I have gone back to the source email and found another link that should work. Holler if it doesn't.

Next: I have been heavily caned by a couple of readers - yes, you Silent Mob - about my volte-face viz Jay Kay. Just want to point out a few things: this is not a change of heart on my part so much as an admission that I cannot justify holding on to my optimism in the face of evidence to the contrary. I still like the individual- sorry :) While I intend to hope against hope that my man Jay to the Kay will surprise us all with a magnificent unleashing of his hidden potential in the next few years, let's just say the odds have changed. Eat crow? Bring it. Me loves the flavor.

And also, more feedings back: I have been notified that the occasional political headtrips into theoryland can get a bit tedious. You know, I have to agree. I'll try to ease up a bit on that when I remember to do so and use words with fewer syllables*. But I can assure you that however annoying, the headtrips are a permanent, if occasional, feature of the blog. In so far as they serve to muse on some issue publicly and invite discussion, and they give an outlet to the "political is personal" they're not going anywhere. Still, am amenable to suggestion: if you want to see more or less of a certain kind of content/topic on TMR, just let me know.

*even though I know you can understand all the Big Words, sunshine :) heh.

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