Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt and Other Problems

Day 11. Mubarak is hanging on to "power" by the skin of his preternaturally black hair. International news agencies most worried about the effect of Egypt's crisis on the Suez canal and thus (of course) on the price of oil. African despots are tough old birds- like Mugabe he is utterly unfazed by the unreasonableness of his inaction in the face of extreme unpopularity. How long is it going to take the protesters to turf him out? I thought one week, tops. Now I am not so sure Mubarak is actually going to lose this face-off anytime soon.

Was following a brief conversation on Twitter recently when one Twitterer...Tweep (?) asked whether what was happening in Egypt could happen in Tanzania, and the other Tweep said "no." I'm inclined to agree- I can't imagine an incumbent here surviving such a prolonged moral siege. Our system isn't geared quite that way. What do y'all think? I have to mention though, that as a method of regime change this new wave of protests is a wonderful step up from the more traditional assassinations/military coups/"liberation" movements/fillial successions of yore.

So, this power rationing has wreaked havoc- havoc, I tell you!- with the blogging. It's like Tanesco has a special punishment list and Mikocheni Business is at the top of it. I don't know who is getting all our extra power, whoever you are I hope you are enjoying it...

Speaking of chakachua, get this: two or so weeks into the release of the new notes and folks are complaining that there are fake notes already in circulation. So soon, so soon after the elections. Which begs the question- how come we were printing new money around the elections to begin with? Hmmm.


  1. Wa! Elsie, you can say that again about the power cuts in Mikocheni! I live in the same area and this past week was horrendous!

  2. I know, right? renewable energy, where art thou...


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