Monday, March 28, 2011

Media and Accountability: Livebloggin the Tanzania Media Fund Forum

Good morning Dar-es-Salaam! I'm wearing my semi-professional hat today and liveblogging from the Tanzania Media Fund Forum that is being held at Mlimani City as I type. The basic concept behind the Tanzania Media Fund is simple and straightforward: to support the development of a free, fair and accountable media sector in Tanzania. A pretty big project in many ways, which you can read more about on their website.

This event is meant to showcase TMF's successes, will feature a hot debate about Media and Accountability and a keynote address by the guest of honor, the Deputy Minister for Information, Sports and Culture Dr. Fenella Mukangara. The event is also being liveblogged/tweeted by my fellow social media URLs: JamiiForums, VijanaFM, TMF and hopefully Udadisi (where, oh where is my favorite die-hard Afrosocialist?). Check them out.

I am watching the TMF documentary as we speak, and it is quite an interesting mix of people. Just spotted Mrema in one segment endorsing TMF, and some testimonies from practitioners. Stepping outside the big media houses, it's evident that there is a lot of untapped potential in our pool of journalists. Makes me wonder: is our media quality being compromized by the journalists themselves, the media market or some other factor? If you have questions or comments I'm online so email or tweet MikocheniReport. Look forward to hanging out with you.

Observation: I am the only woman at a table of six online journalists covering the event. Online journalism, a new frontier for fellow fempundits? Weigh in.

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