Monday, March 28, 2011

TMF Forum Liveblog: Observations from the SocMed Corner

Speeches. Very good ones, but I have sadly missed out on the names so you'll have to forgive me.

Looking around, there is a very interesting mix of people in this room- perhaps not what you might expect. There are: veteran journalists giving the benefit of their experience, a group of young turkeys in the corner tapping away and demanding that everybody retweet (yes, Shurufu, we're on it), a table of people who could only be donors, I spot the BBC World Trust, politicians, a couple of Kenyan accents and some lightscameraaction! going on. Very eclectic, and then again perhaps exactly what one would expect from this kind of gathering.

Multimedia has become such a part of our lives, but you should see the production that goes into getting content out. Between fighting over space for your adapter on the never-enough extensions that are provided, asking each other who that is on the microphone so we don't misspell their name, grasping the point of a rambling speaker so you can condense and write it up accurately? Si mchezo.


  1. I am assuming you meant to write "...a group of young TURKS in the corner tapping away..." ...unless that was yet another very clever pun! :-)


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