Monday, May 9, 2011

... And Other Measures

His Majesty has just asked me to ask you if there are other rankings of performance, other than that mentioned in his last love letter to himself, that you would propose to him. In order to keep track of the performance of the TKP cadres of course. He's in a receptive mood, so make use of the comments section.


  1. Your Majesty, wonderful that you start taking performance monitoring serious. I almost can't believe it. You will find a great deal of information in the recent report by the auditor general. You may find this report too tedious, but a nice visualization of it can be found at:

  2. Hi Hope, thanks for getting in touch. His Highness has kindly instructed me to let you know that his most recent diary entry addresses the very same issue you have raised. His Majesty is also willing to overlook the fact that you raised the question before he did, because he is benevolent and because even he cannot control Blogger's outages. Long live the King, et cetera, your humble servant.


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