Wednesday, July 13, 2011

...And the Winners Are:

Hi folks, so the results for the Tanzania Blog Awards are out. TMR didn't do too badly, all things considered. Thanks to the readers who voted, and remember to check out the blogs that were put up for nomination so that you can support the Bongo blogosphere. By next year hopefully we will see some more new and interesing URLs up there.

And in other news, here is a correction from Kate Bomz about the post I wrote on BarCamp accrediting the right people for organizing this watershed event:
"Great post. "Google's Barcamp Dar es salaam" is incorrect Barcamp Dar is not a Google event, though it was sponsored by Google along with other companies which we greatly appreciate. Also, the event was organized by team members with various backgrounds, just not techbots..."
I should have known la Bomz had something to do with it :) Anyways, apologies: any incorrect information imparted was certainly the fault of the blogger, who couldn't seem to figure out what the what was. Of course, having Google at a conference is a bit like having The Hulk at a kiddie party- tends to draw some attention.


  1. Too bad you didn't win! I voted for you, and you sure would've deserved it!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ah well... better luck next time. You can be sure of my vote again. I also wanted to vote for Tembea Tanzania but it wasn't listed. Whoever manages it is doing a great job of marketing Tanzania... don't think we have something similar here in Kenya...

  3. @ Anonymous: sometimes being in the race is even more important than winning :) but thanks, and perhaps next time.

    @Taz: asante!


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