Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winter Holiday Break

It's July. The weather is great. Everyone is in holiday mode. I haven't updated the blog regularly in the past couple of weeks, and let's be honest- the content these days is a little bit flat. All of this translates to*:

I'm taking the rest of this week and probably much of next week off for mental, social and physical rejuvenation. Please come by again in a few days. And if you live in Bongo remember to take a break and enjoy the fact that you live within spitting distance of world-class beaches.

*yeah, the picture is blurry but that reflects my state of mind. Also: I don't know how to use this particular camera :(


  1. Hadi wewe unafulia jamani? Kweli Serikali hii kiboko!! :)

    Enjoy the break! Na urudi kwa ari, nguvu na kasi mpya..

  2. My brothers: nimerudi mtandaoni, tanesco or not :)


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