Thursday, November 24, 2011

TEDxDAR 2011: Did the Consumer Eat Zinjanthropus?

The third sub-theme of TEDxDAR addresses the issue of Energy in the broadest possible terms, travelling from the issue of food production and consumption through to green energy and by intimation other forms of energy such as labour, or intellectual production. The core question is:

'Could energy be the linkage between what we hope to achieve and the act of achieving it?'

And the other side of the coin:

'What happens to our land, environment and resources in the process [of producing/consuming energy].

Having finally seen the speaker lineup, I have put in my questions nice and early to January Makamba (CCM-Bumbuli) using some oh-so-convenient social media. If he has time to answer, this might provide some insight into policies and initiatives that are environmentally conscious... and hopefully friendly. Haven't registered yet? Still some space left.

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