Thursday, November 24, 2011

TEDxDAR 2011: Is Zinjanthropus Stuck Outside?

The final sub-theme in TEDxDAR takes the outcast by the hand: 'As the river finds its way by taking the path of least resistance, so too, uncomfortable subjects have been left out of general discussion.'

Taboos are wonderful things, often bizarre beyond belief with a hidden logic that is oddly compelling. Everything from food interdictions (why can't a woman eat fish, or eggs, or chicken?) to sexual mores (why is it alright to rob a woman of her vulva?) to physical expression (why must a woman kneel to greet a man?) to the absurd (how come women can't whistle in public?) can be governed by these seemingly arbitrary rules.

Can we talk about this? Who dares to talk about this? Find out on Saturday if you register.

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