Saturday, November 26, 2011

TEDxDAR 2011: Framing Ideas In the 50th Year of Independence

TEDxDAR is underway and the sponsors have been thanked. It has to be said: without the help of sponsors and all the volunteers who have given their time and skills towards this event it wouldn't happen and it wouldn't be free to attend, nor would it get online and out to the world, so much appreciation.

Nadeem Juma, our host, has kicked off the event with an introduction of the theme: 'Who Killed Zinjanthropus.' It is an ambitious theme, I think, in keeping with the idea of discussing the dynamic tensions of our living past's effects on our present, and our hopes for the future. He mentioned that the majority of Tanzanians are currently aged between 26 and 34 years of age- I believe the number is 60%+-. This is reflected in the TEDx Team of organizers and volunteers.

Whoever Killed Zinjanthropus, seems like young Tanzania is trying to rescucitate him. Karibu TEDxDAR 2011. Let's talk.

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  1. 60% of the population in an 8 year cohort?!? suggests tanzanians pretty much gave up having babies 26 years ago. not so methinks. prob just that at least 60% of wananchi are <34 and possibly 60% are <26, depending on which stats u believe.


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