Saturday, November 26, 2011

TEDxDAR 2011: Roland Valkenborg

'You as energy consumers have killed Zinjanthropus' - We are addicted to energy and electricity. Now this is just about my speed. Roland Valkenborg started off by pointing out that it has become normal for most of us to expect to have energy at the touch of a switch. We don't spend much time thinking about where all of this is coming from.

So naturally the electricity went off for about a minute during Roland's talk which left me split between trying to listen to him talk about renewable energy- his field is wind- and trying to get back online after I had been kicked off WiFi. And I am back just in time to say I missed the bulk of the talk but I did gather this much:

-there is an energy crisis going on globally, whether we like to admit it or not.

- renewable technologies aren't able to take care of our thirst for energy entirely, but it's an area worth developing

- look into it. conserve energy at home and think about investing in renewable forms.

On a personal note: living in Dar I am amazed that no one has really developed solar technology for the private market. Photovotaic cells on the roof of a house in Dar make a lot more sense than trying to get a Tanesco connection, but until the price comes down and the technology can do more than run one lightbulb and half a fan, what's the point. There's a challenge.

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