Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Vibes

You know what today is? That's right! It's the kick-off of the Sauti za Busara music festival in Zanzibar and they are celebrating their 10th edition. So this blogpost is my offering to help celebrate ten 'editions' of Busara- I'm guessing they are using the term edition because perhaps it hasn't actually happened for ten years consecutively? One, two, skip a few... that kind of thing. It's such a chill festival, all flip flops and calabash-based instruments and atmospheric venue and easily enjoyed if you just dodge around the forest of telephoto lenses that the photographers (both real and wanna-be) wield like broadswords.

Sadly I won't be celebrating with them this year due to a dismal lack of planning, so no adventures to blog about. Actually that is a flimsy excuse since 'a dismal lack of planning' exactly describes my travel strategy for all Zanzibar trips, but this time around there's not even going to be a spontaneous attempt. So this humble offering is in celebration of the fact they Team Busara hasn't given up- yay!- and wishing them ten more 'editions- some of which I hope to attend. What's that? Pictures you say? Check out Dunia ni Duara. I'm betting Pernille's going to be posting the pretty and the unexpected,  rendered in jewel tones. 


  1. Mmm really, what's your excuse? It's not like Zanzibar is soooo faaar ... Tsk, tsk ;-)

  2. Hey Dr. Bob, I see the resolution is going strong :) My excuse is that I don't have one...


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