Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Weekly Sneak: ...Where Do You Think You're Going?

Oh dear, National Assembly. 

It's not going to be that easy to get rid of live Bunge sessions. We've been watching you for years and we have come to love you something fierce. Scary "if you leave me, i'll go crazy" kinda fierce. If we had to declare ourselves on Facebook we'd fall under 'it's complicated.' Half the time we're not sure we like each other at all. But it is what it is and we're stuck together in this electoral representative democracy of ours. So we have to keep you where we can see every. little. thing. you. do. 

You understand, don't you? It's... well, it's personal. It's about our relationship. We don't like it when you hide, it makes us think you might be playing us false. And you know how we get when we suspect that you're getting up to no good, right? So, please- think about what you're thinking about doing. Don't make us go stalker on you because you know we will. That would really make our relationship messy. And remember- we'll be watching you. Always. Always. ALWAYS. Here, let me play you our song


Your Peeps. 

"So what if there is a high entertainment value in watching Bunge live? Verbal gladiator games are the least these people could do for the taxpayer. Tanzanians have a real greed for political news and parliament live is the ultimate buffet. Snatching it away is going to hurt more than the parliament’s reputation. Something terrible is happening to The Establishment’s political acumen, they need to look into that." 


  1. kwakwakwa! Beautiful! Loved.every.minute.ofit!

  2. @A. N. E. Muss: glad to hear it. a chuckle a day keeps the mental hospital at bay.

  3. I LOLed when I clicked on the song, very appropriate!

  4. Great piece of writing. Im now officially your new follower


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