Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Weekly Sneak: Anything But Katiba

This week I started an article about the Katiba process only to get about 500 words into and realize: there's just no way. This thing turned into a circus without a majordomo months ago. It has been months, surely a few more months will not make a difference. So in the hopes of continuing my policy of letting Katiba Mpya stew in its own juices while the pressure increases, had to look far and wide for a meaty topic that would prove distracting. 

The internets, as always, came through:

"In the olden days there was a proprietorial sense of decorum about pictures, with more conservative or technology-avoiding cultures going so far as to suggest that taking a picture of someone is tantamount to taking a piece of their soul. Maybe they were on to something there. In this particular case my sympathies lie with the individuals whose privacy is violated for commercial gain. If it can happen to them, of course it can happen to us plebeians. Who, exactly, is accessing your stash of pictures and to what purpose might be a modern concern, but it bears thinking about above and beyond the regular fears of government censorship and espionage."

A little birdie told me...

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