Friday, February 13, 2015

The Weekly Sneak: Make The Joke So You Don't Have To Be The Joke

Oh, Hai!*

Quirk the corner of your mouth in a wry smile if you enjoyed #MugabeFalls. Couldn't resist writing about it because Uncle Bob just keeps on giving and giving and besides I have had media on my mind these past few weeks...

"The answer to the youth-appeal question doesn't seem all that hard. We want our politicians to entertain us, in the best sense of the word: by accommodating our thirst for someone tangible who can crack a joke or even better, take one. I don't think that this is limited to youth by any means, it is just a feature of a new political dimension, a sign of the times we live in. And there isn't much rocket science to it, just some social savvy and a good gadget or two plus some simcards."

Watching the evolution of the relationship that politicians have with social media is always fun, eh. But more seriously, I actually realized that in the coming elections one of my most important criteria for personal evaluations of a candidate's viability will be their social media profile. Do they own accounts? Do they personally operate them or defer them to peons? How genuine vs manufactured do their online avatars feel? In summary, how well-equipped do they seem to be to function in the current situation. And all this because Robert Mugabe couldn't take a joke :)

*Yeah, um, it's been a while. You good? Cool.

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