Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wrapping Up October

I haven't had this good a day since I managed to buy The Perfect Car, which was months ago. Yes, that introductory sentence is by way of apology for a grim and deep month-long silence. Apologies to the two readers of the blog. Life happens sometimes, and how.

There are recipes and pictures piled up in the Sony Cyber-Shot. There are overdue tales of political woe, and political triumph. There are heart-warming stories of kitty behavior, and project plans for the Perfect Paradisical Garden Of Eden. But after not blogging for a month, why faff around?
It has been a perfect day. I heard from long-lost friends. I got my superb laptop back from a 9-month gestation in warranty-land. I got a free toy, and I got paid before the end of the month. That's right: before. I had a glass of wine with my father in a library garden. I even got new glasses. I am at a point in the year when any one of these things is good enough to boost me into the outer stratosphere of that rare commodity: joy. None of this compares, however, to the excitement of the recent arrival. I have a new niece, a healthy girl. Children are precious. so, so, so. Welcome, beloved. Welcome, Van. Happy Birthday.
Just to finish off some pending business, because I know how excited you all are to find out the results of JADIP's Political Babe Poll, here goes: Anna Makinda is the Queen Bee. She's the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania for those of you who were wondering. JADIP-SRD offers all the usual thanks to the voter who involved herself in this massively impotent piece of research: way to rock the vote.
Speaking of which, there is a good supply of Tanzania For Obama t-shirts available through a friend, so all collectors of political art/Tanzanians who wish they could vote but can't should let me know if I should hook them up with my man Zachary. Let me cap it here. I am pushing the tyre of development (direct translation) and I hope you are well too. I know its not Friday yet, technically, but here goes: Have a precious, perfect, ten-toes, ten-fingers, top-of-the-lungs weekend.

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