Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chauvinism? What's that?

This article hardly needs an introduction. Click the image to enjoy a larger scan. Do not drink coffee while reading, it will scald your nose on its way out.


  1. *WTF!!!!!!!! i dont even know why i am miffed (well i did have the hot coffee in hand). what is scary though is that many a penis wielding human beings in this country seem to have the same dysfunctional version of who a feminist is (read anything beijing). that said, i guess the problem lies with the so called *feminists* running around TZ are actually chauvinist males dressed in drag!!!! still cant believe that this article was actually published.

  2. Honestly, woman. Didn't I tell you about the coffee?
    Oh, this is not the worst of it. I was just watching John Tendwa (Reg. of Political Parties) sling it out with Usu Mallya over the Election Finances Bill 2010 and the gender angle. I think they nearly bitch-slapped each other across Prof. Simbeye's head. Great TV.


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