Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick Look Around the Blogosphere

I don't know if Uruguay cheated, but I do find it intriguing that William Easterly used the incident as a metaphor for the interplay between rules and norms. Of course I don't agree with the implicit Afropessimism (economists are not my favorite social scientists) but it is a nice examination of utilitarian approaches to 'winning' which must from time to time clash with norms.

Give a big hand to some new friends on the TZ blogging scene: Slim Shady has crossed over from 'quiet guy who only comments under duress' to curating a blog of his own. Got a good eye too for the pictures, no poverty porn here. Some of us see the beauty first...

I am always on the lookout for the holy grail of the Tanzania blogosphere: Original Content. Which is where the Tanzania Media Fund's 2010 Fellows come in. About a month ago, four print journalists put on their big girl panties and waded into the scurrilous world of blogging. Here are the results of their efforts, with more to come soon.


  1. Well not much to say except for well done to the lucky journalists and jamii forums for snagging some donor cash for.... blogging? Any micro-grants available for tweeting?

  2. Good thinking SS, let me look into that for you. Micro-grants for micro-blogging might be the next big thing in the development/electronic media landscape. If the idea takes off, ten percent off the final contract au siyo ;)

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