Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What the Face!

I've been debating the whole Facebook since about six months ago when I realized that FB had sold our collective souls to the commercial vampires by violating the notion of privacy. Having abdicated responsibility for the protection of our data, FB invented something called 'privacy settings' to make the individual user feel as though maybe, just maybe, fond memories of adventures past- which were diligently recorded by friends and oh-so-generously shared on Facebook- did not become a collection of double-edged visual mementos.

One strong impulse is to just scrap the whole project- which is actually very appealing. My inner hippie does believe in living the Great Unplugged Life if one can stomach it. But Facebook death is a major liability when one thinks of its potential- and that of other like social media- to enrich one's cyberlife... and for a blogger, FB death is perhaps a form of electronic self-amputation?

Anyways, if you are facing similar FB ambivalence and need some help cleaning up your page, my technical consultant* gave me this wonderful link. Too good not to share.

* I'm so embarrassed to need one, and it doesn't help that he responds to every request for help with a long and evil laugh before taking pity on me. I used to be the kid who took apart electronics in the house and then put them together again better than before... and now I am fossilizing long before my time. I blame technology- it's moving too fast for me to catch up.

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