Friday, January 21, 2011

The King's Diary: Have I Been Too Soft?

Quick Note: I asked His Excellently Handsome Highness about how he would like to handle questions/discussions. HEHH prefers that all queries and comments be directed to the comments section where he will answer on occasion, and perhaps even deal with weightier issues in other Diary entries. So please feel free to use the comments button.

Dear Me

When I looked out of my bedroom window this morning, I counted 17 ships waiting to dock. The sight spoiled my mood. In January 2009 I ordered the port authorities to find ways to ease the congestion and for a while the situation improved. Now I realize this may not have been the result of their hard work but of the global economic downturn. Either way, the situation is as bad as it used to be.

My orders are being ignored and the more I think about it, the angrier I become. The port authorities are not the only ones to defy my orders. The other day the Prime Minister even felt compelled to reiterate to the regional leaders the need to follow my directives. How insulting. Nobody should have to be reminded to follow my demands!

Have I been too soft? This tradition of impunity may be good for maintaining peace and quiet, the TKP loses legitimacy as a result. I recall a survey from 2008 in which 68% of the respondents state that the government does badly in improving the living standards of the poor and 62% state the government does poorly in creating jobs. 50% even considers I handle the economy badly. Well, the latter may be true. Creating opportunities for my supporters to grow rich is not necessarily good for growth. But maybe the situation got out of hand.

I recall how the representative from the Empire of the East mentioned that in the Empire officials can be corrupt but that they are disciplined if they do not deliver economic growth. So why should I allow my officials to be corrupt AND hinder growth. In the Empire they hang indisciplined people but this is not our custom. Yet stripping officials from their citizenship and confiscating their assets I could do.

Question is, can it be done without harming myself. It would be unwise to go after the former King for instance, because the day I step down I might receive a similar treatment. Nor should I go after those who supported me to become King: they still have the power to push me out. But what if I go after some less influential officials? Like the port people? Hmmmm .... something to consider.


  1. I couldn't help but noticed that The King is being punked out by his own subordinates. Apparently, The monarchy has no spokesperson. Everybody can air out their grievances and The King can't do a sh!t about it. The youth wing of The King's party went rogue, his EAC minister is all over the press and The King can not do anything about it. Do we have a pseudo King or I'm just trippin.

    Maybe it is the Global Recession and the new media that has gotten The King off his game. But he definitely need to stop being clueless and grow a pair, otherwise nchi itamfia mikononi mwake.

  2. Maybe he needs a very efficient Press Secreraty? Whom can make follow-ups and make sure his orders are being followed properly?


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