Saturday, January 29, 2011

PEN and MIC First Edition

What: The inaugural PEN & MIC event ( featuring readings by FidQ, Langa Sarakikya and Walter Bgoya, all punctuated by the sounds of jazz.

Plus, there will be performances by Mzungu Kichaa and other contemporary writers and musicians.

And there will also be an open mic for anyone who would wish to share their work or that of their favorite writer, both poetry and prose.

Where: Saffron Restaurant, Quality Plaza, Nyerere Road (map available on request)

When: Wednesday 2nd February, 7:30 pm onwards.

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  1. Wow, that is just next to my office, great! I must make plans to go there! Will you be there?

    Can I borrow the picture for my blog?

  2. Definitely make plans to go there, and yes I will (probably, inshallah) be there too. By all means borrow the picture for your blog and Spread the Word.

  3. Great, thanks!

    I have some committment later in the evening, but I will try to be there for at least one hour, it's going to be great!

  4. This thing is going to be a recurrent event ama? Sounds like it will be good time.


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