Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vive la Revolution!

Had a bit of an Evil Moment with La Dee where we indulged some inappropriate humor. When we were kids back in the Stone Age, the World Health Organization set its resplendent African HQ in Congo- Brazzaville. When those natives got restless (un petit coup par ici, un petit coup par la), the WHO had to move and so it picked it's next solid destination: Harare.

So there we were the other day shaking our heads about how the AfDB was well settled in the "Paris of Africa"- Abidjan- before Cote d'Ivoire collapsed under its own weight. AfDB moved to another civilized part of La Francophonie: Tunis. At this rate, karibuni Arusha, aisee- it is the Geneva of East Africa. Mh, what's that? Riot? Enhe he he, ignore it. Just a little trouble with the natives...


  1. Greetings Elsie:

    I have this week noted more than once a Tanzanian interest for Tunis, and I now note your present labels: 'Arusha, change, Politics, Riots, Tunis'



  2. Hi Pernille- yes, Tunis has inspired considerable interest... I am not sure if the parallels are that strong or if we're getting high off the fumes of a whiff of change...


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