Saturday, April 2, 2011

The King's Diary: Time For My Legacy

Dear Me

I hear complaints about my presumed lack of leadership. Columnists criticize my frequent travels and joke about my Management by Walking About. To all of them people I say: you fail to understand. I just secured my second term; a third term is not possible. I have achieved my goals and now I focus on the future. I have three objectives.

First I will work on my legacy. I will travel the world, mediate between warring factions and become an elderly statesman.

Next I will also secure my son’s political future.

Finally, I will secure my financial future. In the beginning of my term I will take it easy as I do not want any dirt to come out before my term ends, but by the time I retire I have to be rich.

Domestically I will step back and relax. Already I have asked the youth league of the TKP to sort out dissident voices in the party. The prime minister is correcting, on my behalf, Ministers who went against my interests, including the minister of Infrastructure with his attempts to rid road reserves of billboards and other structures. Meanwhile, I will stand by and enjoy the fight between the would-be’s about who will become the next King.

Whoopie --- life is good. Time to hop on another plane for yet another good governance or transparency initiative.

01 April 2011

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