Saturday, June 11, 2011

For The Record

I got this link off Bottom Up Thinking, and it is a good one. If you ever wondered about the gender dynamics of development work, you have to read Shotgun Shack's piece. Although it talks about the work experience of women in the NGO sector, in Bongo at least the private sector isn't all that different- the women there just have to experience all this (expletive deleted) while wearing less comfortable shoes.

Actually it is a good thing that I came across that piece of writing. A recent story from a friend about being physically threatened by a subordinate in her own office made me see red, and I have been building up a head of steam about structural sexism. The "post" I was composing about my beef with workplace gender politics is way over 2000 words long now, and I haven't even really started... sigh. So just read Shotgun Shack's piece, again.

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