Friday, June 17, 2011

Tanzania Blog Awards 2011: TMR Is a Contender

A couple of days ago I got an email telling me that The Mikocheni Report has been nominated for a 2011 Tanzania Blog Award in possibly two categories: best personal blog and best political blog. Excellent news to wake up to :)

I did ask a few questions when I got the email, just to get a feel of who is behind the initiative. Turns out that it is a reader-led project by a group of people who love the medium and want to boost blogging in Tanzania. A people's choice award, basically. Quite apart from the nomination, do check out the award website for the most comprehensive current blogroll I have seen in a long time, and please do look at the nominees in the various categories. There are a quite a few decent blogs out there and it will make your day better.

And sincerely: thank you to whoever nominated The Mikocheni Report. You have reminded me that just because the comments section is not on fire, it does not mean we aren't in the middle of a long conversation. I'll be putting the vote badges up later today, Tanesco permitting. High Five.


  1. Congratulations!!

    Do we get to vote?

  2. Wow - nice to see this initiative. There are loads of blogs there that I have never visited before. Better get clicking.

    You have my vote in the bag...

  3. Brilliant!!!! Actually you have three nominations. You missed "Best Informative - Political." So when do we vote????? You have mine!

  4. nice one. and remind us when the voting opens so we can follow up on our best wishes

  5. This sounds so nice. I stopped blogging for some times. Can I be part of the competition? Ugh! May be late, but my vote for your blog will definitely give you an edge against your closer competitor.
    Good Blog,


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