Monday, April 16, 2012

Yes, But Have You Considered Stew?

I had a long post drafted about stew. This was for several reasons- in part to get the blog restarted after too long in hiatus, and also in response to some emails suggesting that I go back to more lifestyle content to lighten things up. And to have fun: writing about Important Stuff is all well and good but there is joy in the world in for me one of its important manifestations is through cuisine. I dream of tasting uni and collecting cookware the way some people dream about owning mansions or achieving fame.

But it was not to be. The computer managed to lose a soulful contemplation of the pleasures of stew that took me hours to draft. It is irretrievable from both the machine and my memory, sadly. Unlike writers of yore, those of us who depend on computers for our craft are clearly at risk of losing important piece of work at the blink of Tanesco or a hiccup from Sasatel. And boy do they blink and hiccup a lot. So this re-post is really in honor of Anonymous who alerted me to the fact that the first post was a dud. Here goes:

"there is no text."- Sorry, dog ate my homework.

"Is this an experiment?" No, but thanks for the idea...

"Well, hope you pay me, if it is."... you don't happen to be from Nairobi do you?

"And, yes, i have." Good for you. The contemplation of stew is a philosophical exercise everyone should attempt at least once. I would be interested in hearing your conclusions on the matter.


  1. there is no text.

    Is this an experiment?

    Well, hope you pay me, if it is.

    And, yes, i have.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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