Sunday, May 27, 2012

Open Forum 2012: New Media for Health and Rights Activism- Opportunities and Challenges

That was the title of the panel I was on in the afternoon of the Money day of the Open Forum. It is impossible to self-blog, so I am just going to give space to the people I was honored to share a table with. Let me direct your attentions to the following links:

1. Our moderator, Paula Akugizibwe (writer, activist). I can't actually capture how good this woman is in a few words, and so I invite you to please Google her, read her work and watch her videos. 
2. Rachel Gichinga of Kuweni Serious, a very serious operation against apathy in Kenya. Doing good work, and Ms. Rachel sure brought the passion. 
3. Lukonga Lindunda of BongoHive fame in Zambia, active on the ground and in the cyberspace.
4. Brett Davidson, an old hand at new media and the man who brought us together. 

My regret is that time, exhaustion and ulterior missions did not allow me nearly the time I should have spent plumbing the depths of my fellow panelists' experience and wisdom. I highly recommend their sites and am wondering how to lure them all down/up to Dar for some more exchange. A warm thanks to Brett, for making this happen. 

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