Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Weekly Sneak: On to the Next Thing

Well, it's not like I can NOT comment on the new cabinet thing even if I didn't want to. A little independence is one thing, but when a columnist starts to get too "self-directed" (i.e. out of touch with trending stories) then she might be inviting The Men In Nairobi to reconsider her contract, and not in a good way. As some former Ministers can tell you, performance reviews are a (insert your word of choice). As I am not a details girl, I have left all in-depth plumbing of the implications of the new appointments to those who are more competent. Instead, I have tried to offer a look beyond:

"Lookingat the arc of events that has led us to this point as a collective, I wouldhave to say that the prognosis looks good right now. We might just be learninghow to finesse our political processes with an eye to useful governance, whichis a step on the road to the unattainable idea of great governance. Now that we’redoing slightly better at this Executive and Legislature business, it might betime to turn our attentions to some of the other lurking behemoths: theJudiciary and that most important institution of all, the Civil Service."

It isn't hard for me to stir myself into a frenzy of nationalistic fervor, but so rarely does an opportunity come along to do so because things are going well. Political optimists, you know, we really have to work hard not to come across as desperately naive and/or clinically insane. But this Cabinet thing, good stuff, and an excellent jump-off point to look at our other institutions. So much work to be done! Feel that energy? Feel it? Yeah. :)

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