Friday, November 2, 2012

Creeped Out by Google Maps

This week's EA article is about the new Ubungo-Maziwa commuter train of course. I am horribly jealous, actually, and will have to come up with several excuses to go for a ride and drag a few people with me. Yes, I know. It is very country hick to actually plan an outing just so as I can ride the train into and out of the city. But that's what makes development so much fun: the countless opportunities to be delighted by every novel advance, to be so easily pleased and entertained when things work. 

In anticipation of the treat, I went over to Google Maps to check out the new route. And ended up spending way too much time zooming in on the rooftops of various places of interest, including trying to see if I could spot my house. Which I can, almost down to the generous guava tree that is about to give us our third crop this year. Is anyone else mildly freaked out by this? If Google Maps images are this detailed, who else is playing Big Brother and how much better can they see my guava tree? Chilling thought.


  1. I most certainly am chilled at the thought of who else is playing Big Brother and what private moments they might be catching glimpses of. Apparently the pictures we get may have been taken hours or months is tempted to plant more trees to play under.

  2. I like your thinking Krista. Foil Big Brother by planting more trees. Green solutions work for me :)


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