Saturday, January 12, 2013

Teke Linalokuijia

Technology, eh. It's great when it works. When it doesn't, it's a disaster. Generally speaking, you want people who know what they are doing to handle that stuff. Since 2011, the government has been making noises about the switch from analog television broadcast to digital. Nice idea, there's plenty of good reasons to make the transition and if I remember right The Google told me that this is some kind of international agreement.   

December 2012 was the last month in which Tanzanian television broadcasters were allowed to broadcast in analog. To be kind I have to admit that the government spent a bit of money advertizing the coming change for no less than three months leading up to the change. But, you know, this is the government of Tanzania. A nation-wide exercise, involving technology? Ha. This week in The East African

"The early results are in, and they are not looking good. As expected, all involved in this “national” exercise have performed somewhat below par. Rumors are starting to spread about the Great Blackout of 2013: from roughly 8 local channels or more, Dar es Salaam residents have been reduced to a piteous handful of offerings. And we're the lucky ones- other rumors suggest that depending on where you live, even the state broadcaster isn't available for a daily dose of grossly transparent propaganda. Word to the wise: the revolution might not be televised in Tanzania depending on what channels one can still access, you're better off sticking to radio until we sort this out."

...actually, radio's been somewhat affected too, but at least you don't need a "decoder" to access the wild and free airwaves.


  1. Aah, didn't know about this.

    The same law was passed in the US around 2009. I don't even remember what is the big advantage of digital vs analog, it's not as if the quality of the shows improve!

  2. @rweba analog is very inefficient use of spectrum bandwidth. so switching to digital frees up a lot more bandwidth for other uses.

  3. @Steve - ooh makes sense, thanks for clearing that up!


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