Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Weekly Sneak: Gassing it Up

Eh, I'm tired of politics. A creeping cynicism about the fate of my country, my beloved fucking country, has recently made me sit down and shut up. These days it's easier for me not to talk about things than it is to talk about things- and silence marks the death of a writer's soul. Scared the bounce right out of me, this did. How does one hold on?

Turns out relaxation is a damn good way to do it. Laughter, naughtiness, these are life affirming gifts. Truth is, my sense of humor is more than a little rusty but I have decided to take it out for some fresh air at your expense: 

"Another saying that’s illuminating, if a little organic, is “better out than in.” In politics, as in nature, this one holds true. American presidents quite aside, the things that rumble in the belly, causing passions noxious or otherwise, do need to be released for the general health of the organism involved. That’s the therapeutic idea behind freedom of speech, and a good reason to let a little protest slip out from time to time. You’d think that an establishment that’s been around for a while would know that."

The plan is not to be too serious for a while. I need to grow pieces of my soul back, like a salamander. If toilet humor is the way to do it... consider yourself warned. 

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