Friday, July 10, 2015

The Weekly Sneak: The Evolution Will Be Televised, And Tweeted Too.

Finally. *Yawn* *Stretch.* It has been a long wait for this week to come. The extended goodbye of the Fourth Administration is underway, kicked off by Kikwete's address to the Parliament yesterday. Considering the fact that he couldn't say everything that needs saying in that one address it was fine.

This election year my presents came early: Tido Mhando is back thanks to the Azam conglomerate. All the parties have social media accounts so I don't have to rely on intermediaries to find out what they actually said about an issue. 

Speaking of which, I am settling in for a hopefully entertaining Furahi Day night stalking @CCM_Tanzania on Twitter. #karibudodoma #5bora and #dodoma also hold promise. Before I go, coming to the (still banned in Tanzania) East African this weekend:
"The evolution will be televized, and uploaded too and it is time to embrace it. Mr. Chairman is admittedly busy this week and I wish I could send him enough duct tape and valium to hold the party together throughout it's candidate selection ordeal. But somewhere in there he needs to find the time to sit The Establishment down for a workshop on How To in this brave new world of citizen and media liberties for the health of the nation. And thrown in a couple of one-on-ones with whoever survives to win it all on Sunday. The Chosen One is going to need it now, and forever more."
Cue music

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