Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Weekly Sneak: Mwanza, Tighten Your Ndala Straps Already.

Yes, you, Mwanza. We sent UKAWA over to you so that they could wow us all with a big reveal about who their Presidential candidates were going to be and what did you do? Sent them right back to us, revelations unrevealed. We are busy in Dar trying to get the BVRs to work in a timely manner so that the deadlines set by the NEC do not fly past leaving us under-registered. Speaking of that, Mwanza, you know what else you underperformed in? That's right. 

"My fellow citizens of the hinterlands that serve the great Mother City of Dar es Salaam, jamani. You were supposed to help the NEC get it right before they got here. Yes, Mwanza, I am giving you the side-eye quite specifically. If you can't train them, what were we supposed to do with them by the time they got here? Because here they are now, being consistent about one thing and that thing is overwhelmed. There will not be any de-whelming happening here, have you seen how many we are?"

Sigh. I just, don't know Mwanza. You don't seem to be taking your responsibility as a Big Bad City very seriously. We might have to delegate to Arusha if you keep this up, Number Two. 

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