Monday, August 11, 2008


That's what my niece had to say about the olympics opening ceremony. Out of the mouth of babes :) Well, she had to entertain herself somehow. The sound of all those adults' jaws dropping, ins shock-awe-exclamation must have gotten tired after the first hour.

But do I say! Considering that most of us had unrealistically high expectations of the bangle cames opening ceremony that we wanted the Chinese to exceed anyways, they did good. Giant firework footsteps from Tianamen Square anyone? Human paintbrushes? Not to mention the torchbearer's wirework sprint around the rim of the Bird's Nest- personal favorite.

My guilty pleasures were provided by the PLA*: I am incredibly receptive to demonstrations of military precision and might. The balletic movement of that soldier who tossed up the Chinese flag, the clockwork goosesteping, the shinier-than-shiny boots... During our Independence Day parades it is all our soldiers can do not to bayonet each other in the back as they march in faux-unison past the Presidential pavilion.

La Dee still thinks that the arrow torch lighting technique used in Sydney (or was it Athens) was the Way Coolest Olympic Torch Lighting Gimmick Ever and I partly concur- but only that part of me that is disappointed Running Man didn't summersault-tripple-backflip into the Lucky Eight cloud torch to light it. That's the finale I would have gone for if anyone had asked me. As far as memorable bangle game ceremonies go, this one has wiped clean all memories of preceding events apart from the wonderful Athens show. So, London 2012? No pressure. Heh.

*It has always seemed right to me that the PLA be called the Red Army for the visual poetry and color symbolism, dontcha think, but Wikipedia disabused me of that notion. Russia got there first.

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