Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Bevy of Beautiful Brides

I was at St. Joe's yesterday attending the wedding of a friend's sister (lovely ceremony if a little stiff) and generally having a nice socially-constructive networking moment. Made cooing noises at the aunties, sucked up to the old folks, tickled my friends' dimples, et cetera, as one does. As we left the Society Wedding Du Weekend, about four other couples whose (simultaneous) vows had been held up by our semi-enthusiastic hymn-singing had to rush by to get into the church on time. I sorely regret not having had a camera to catch it- there is nothing quite like nearly getting trampled by a bride (or four) and her wedding party. Therein lies a potential, if non-traditional measure of Tanzanian social stratification: the ability to afford a personal morning wedding at the Cathedral. Well, for the Catholics anyways.

La Dee and I (mostly I) had to medicate the effects of so much socially-appropriate behavior with a drink at the Movenpick gardens. There we also got to observe peacocks- the animal and human varieties- display their tails in the tranquil evening sun.

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